About Us

About Us

Green Technology Consortium (GTC) is a non-profit and non-political organization established in Hong Kong on 5 June 2012. GTC aims at promoting environmental education and providing sustainable solutions to community and industry for improvement in environment.

GTC was officially and successfully approved as a charitable institution on 16 December 2014. Our members are individuals or local companies who share with us the passions and dedication in environmental protection and conservation. They are widely specialized in professional sectors of green technology, including Green Transportation, Green/ Renewable Energy, Waste Recycling, Organic/ Food Waste Treatment, Green Construction, Environmental Biotechnology, Sustainable Agriculture, WEEE, Green Smart City, etc. They have been continuously contributing great efforts and resources for the development in green technology.

Our Mission:

To promote green technologies to the community and protect our environment.

Our Vision:

  • Promote green education.
  • Provide improvement solutions for a sustainable environment.
  • Share the latest environmental technology to the community.

Our goals:

  • Provide better opportunities for green technology developers.
  • Provide a platform for members to learn, access, share, disseminate and apply the latest environmental technology knowledge and experience.
  • To enhance and strengthen good relationship between members.
  • Demonstrate green technology for government and relevant departments or organizations.
  • Provide consultation of green technology for government and relevant departments or organizations.
  • Enhance, organize and participate in the activities of green technology.
  • Stimulate and build public awareness to the environmental protection.
  • Improve and expand the intent and impact of individuals or organizations for environmental protection.