Youth Energy Elite - Simulation International Conference Training Program 2015-09-17

Energy Elite Training Program was sponsored by Environment and Conservation Fund and the Environmental Campaign Committee which was committed to promote energy and related environmental protection issues among all secondary schools in Hong Kong.

Green Technology Consortium (GTC) was honored to be invited by Roundtable Research and Education Association (Roundtable Community) to present a speech on the topic of Recycling and Wastes Reduction on 17 September 2015 at the Bethel High School.Participants of the speech included the students from F.1 to F.6.The students were fully seated together in the school auditorium to listen to Mr. Eddie Chans sharing.

In the speech, the growth of economy and people's living habits were mentioned to have impacts towards our environment.  Everyone should have his responsibility to protect our environment.  Besides of handling waste recycling properly, waste reduction at the source is the most important issue. The students paid attentions to the whole activity and asked questions actively during the Q&A session.

We thanked for Research and Education Association (Roundtable Community) given us the opportunity to share knowledge of recycling and waste reduction for the students.  Providing green education and training for the community is one of our goals as bearing the commitment of an environmental and charitable organization.  We deeply hope to raise students' sustainable development and environmental awareness so that students are aware of the global energy shortage.  They will cherish our resources and reduce waste disposal to avoid environmental pollution.