Hutchison Port Holdings Limited (HPH) Rooftop Farm & Workshops Education Pro 2015-09-23

Green Technology Consortium Limited undertook a Rooftop Farm Education Program with Hutchison Port Holdings Limited (HPH) in this summer 2015. This program enabled us to have the precious opportunity to cooperate with large Enterprise. We had carried out installation of rooftop farm planters and organized three planting workshops for HPH. This was a new milestone for GTC to promote environmental protection and provided public services to the community.  In the future, GTC shall actively cooperate with big Enterprises in order to develop much more large scale projects for the community.

For this project, we had used 90% materials from recycled materials, for example, abandoned wooden pallets and glass bottles, as well as the use of kitchen waste composts and organic seeds, etc. From design to the completion of the rooftop farm, we thanked for the participation of three enthusiastic University students who major in Environmental Engineering.  We provided adequate training and professional guidance for students in the whole process so that they learnt extra knowledge and gained wonderful experience outside the classroom.  Most importantly, they were allowed to experience the service work of a green group.  According to the feedbacks from students, they are interested in joining environmental-protection-related industry in their future career.  It is so encouraging!

Among the three planting workshops, GTC invited Miss Hermia Chung to be the mentor of workshops.  Hermia is rich in organic farming experience and she takes care of the farm FoodCycle + in Sheung Shui.  Moreover, she pours great efforts to the cycle of “food resources” that use recycled food waste as compost.  She insists on adopting natural farming ways without chemical fertilizers and chemical pesticides in order to protect consumers' health and reduce damage to the land. In the workshops, more than forty participants listened carefully to Hermia's introduction of the advantages of organic rooftop farming. We also demonstrated farming on the table and let all the participants experience planting together.  Let’s have a look from below photos at how they enjoyed the whole process.