Organic Farm Visit 2015-09-24

Development of sustainable agriculture, promotion of agricultural innovation and the raise of productivity enhance the balanced development for big cities. The importance of this is being widely recognized in the world. Green Technology Consortium (GTC) puts a lot of efforts to promote sustainable agriculture in Hong Kong and mainland China in order to support the industry producing high quality green products.

On 24 September 2015, GTC formed a team to visit Magic Season Organic Farm (Qingxin) Co., Ltd and its organic vegetable farm in Qingxin town of Qingyuan.  Qingxin town is located at the mountains about 400 meters or above from the ground. We indeed experienced here is called the ideal world. The beautiful mountains and clear water that showed the land, water and air are not contaminated. It is an excellent place for livestock farming.

Magic Season Organic Farm utilizes environmental biotechnology to fertilize the planting of vegetables and fruits. They breed livestock and use livestocks manure and other organic wastes as raw materials to produce organic fertilizers.  During our visit activity, we were honored to have the opportunity to meet with the Founder and exchange the aspirations of organic agriculture development. Magic Season Organic Farm even came across with a lot of difficulties and challenges; they had made resolute efforts on promoting the sustainable development of organic agriculture. Their perseverance is very commendable.