Corporate Member Visit - 9 March 2016 2016-03-09

How Hong Kong successfully promotes glass recycling, reusing, recycling and also upcycling, we believe that many organizations have been striving hard to carry out the glass recycling and waste reduction activities. Green Technology Consortium (GTC) also proactively assists in developing environmental technology industry in order to promote the use of high technology for glass recycling and encourages the enterprises fulfilling their corporate social responsibility. Consumption of natural resources and the pressure of landfills can be reduced. Saving energy is workable for reducing carbon emissions. Through training activities, such as organizing green workshops, GTC is experienced to implement the promotional work of environmental education to the community.

Today, GTC had visited our corporate member – Powerz Enterprises Ltd. which is a company to provide environmental technology equipment for waste glass bottles treatment. We had visited their large-scale and small-scale glass breaking machine. During the visit, we had learnt the process of breaking waste glass bottles and understood how they can reduce carbon footprint and disposal cost. Secondly, we had also learnt some glass upcycling products. In the meantime, we discussed and exchanged how to promote environmental education and create a platform for developing the industry.