Green Technology Consortium (GTC) investigation forum with Dechang County, the v 2017-05-16

Green Technology Consortium (GTC) investigation forum with Dechang County, the vegetable supplying base for Hong Kong on 2017-05-16

2017 May 14 to 20, Mr. Yung Kar-wo, The President of Green Technology Consortium(GTC) responded the invitation by the authorities, led his team to go to Chongqing City, Sichuan Province, the Liangshan, Yi Nationality Autonomous Prefecture of Dechang county for investigation. Chongqing City is a municipality directly under the central government in People's Republic of China, developing with giant strides. With the improvement of national’s living quality, healthy awareness has also concerned. GTC In line with the idea of developing sustainable agriculture, hoping to assemble talents of agricultural science and technology, as to deliver high quality food for the Chinese people with overseas high-tech agricultural facilities. Meanwhile, the National Agricultural Policy emphasizes the original ecology, No genetic modification, supports zero pesticide residues, and reduce carbon pollution. GTC works to cope with the National Agricultural Policy for the purposes of national’s well-being.


At the same time, the Investigation Team also went to Sichuan Province, Liangshan, Yi Autonomous Prefecture, Dechang County, to explore the possibility to establish local vegetable base for Hong Kong and build tourist attractions. For Dechang County with vast territory and abundant resources, pleasant climate. Drawing into high-tech agricultural technology from other places, integrating of inborn generous elements, it has to provide high-quality agricultural products for Chinese residents. As the cradle of high-tech talents, GTC tries to introduce the top agricultural technology and talents as to optimize the development of Chinese agriculture.

About Liangshan Yi Autonomous Prefecture of Sichuan Province