The Jiangxi Gongqing City of Science and Education Forum on 2016-12-13 2016-12-13

The Jiangxi Gongqing City of Science and Education Forum

2016December 12 to 13, led by the Company Member of Guangdong Hengda Science and Technology Industrial Park Co., Ltd. with Green Technology Consortium(GTC) investigating team to visit The Jiangxi Gongqing City for two days.


The Gongqing City is the only "Youth League" named City, north it leaned on the world’s famous cultural heritage Mountain Lu, East next to Chinese largest freshwater lake, The Poyang Lake, a national strategy of Poyang Lake ecological economic zone core development zone is a national strategy of the Yangtze River economic belt intermediate nodes, is the first national ecological demonstration zones, national new industrialization demonstration base. It has jurisdiction over three townships, two towns and one street, covering an area of 310 square meters, with a permanent population of 193 thousand people.


The Gongqing City of Science and Education is the Jiangxi provincial Party committee and provincial government decided to map out as to support Gongqing City’s development, a major project for the New Town construction for Ganjiang River, The Gongqing City built for ecological civilization construction as the National Youth Center City. Green Technology Consortium(GTC) as a professional platform for environmental technology, to response Gongqing City’s environmental ecological construction and Science City project planning, the forum exchanging as to share and enforce the construction for social contribution.


The Investigation Team received a warm welcome from the local leaders!


The Gongqing City Investigation Forum

Mr. Yung Kar-wo, (Middle), The President of Green Technology Consortium(GTC) 

Visit the Poyang Lake Planning Exhibition Hall

Visiting the Gongqing City of Science and Education with the Authority Leaders