ECF Estate Kitchen Waste Recycling Project - Green planting competition awards 2018-01-13

ECF Estate Kitchen Waste Recycling Project - Green planting competition awards

Regarding to Estate Kitchen Waste Recycling Project:

Green Technology Consortium has successfully applied for the funding of the Environment and Conservation Fund to support kitchen waste recycling projects in the estate. For a period of 24 months, the kitchen waste recycling program was implemented in a housing estate in Tuen Mun which activities include installing kitchen waste Composting equipment, recycle kitchen waste, and continue to promote kitchen waste recycling. At the same time, it is also devoted to publicity. Not only posters and leaflets are distributed in the estates, but also lectures and sharing sessions will be organized. In addition, a questionnaire survey will also be conducted to understand the changes in residents' awareness of and participation in waste sorting and waste reduction.

Environmental planting competition introduction:

On January 13, 2018 (Saturday) afternoon, our Consortium held an Environmental Protection Planting Competitions and Awards in Aegean, Tuen Mun. Out of the 20 participating households, the five best plants were selected. All the residents in the estates fertilized the plants with the compost made from the kitchen waste and carefully cultivated for a month. let's review the photos of that day.

Under the leading of Green Technology Consortium, presidents of Aegean Coast had a series of environmental experience activities in Cheung Chau [Food Recycle Land] one month ago. On that day, Residents used recycled soda bottles to plant environmentally friendly flower pots which used the natural fertilizers, made by kitchen waste to fertilize for plants. After that, they bought the flower pots named country Borage to plant for a month.

Let’s take a look of the Country Borage after planting for a month! Every of them are strong. Residents are all amazing! We are happy to see the success of environmental education!

Issued the best planting Award

From left to right: Mr. Stephen To, Vice Chairman of Green Technology Consortium; Miss Mabel Kan, Vice Chairman of Green Technology Consortium; Miss Kam Ka Man, Member of Green Sense, Miss Joe Pau, Kai Shing Management Service Ltd. Miss Escther Wong, Committee Member of Green Technology Consortium. 

Thank you residents of Aegean, Tuen Mun and Kai Shing Management Service Ltd. for the support of our Consortium!