Hong Kong Green Technology Consortium was invited by China JingGong for Inspecti 2017-12-18

    From December 15 to December 17, Andrew Yung, President of Hong Kong Green Technology Consortium; Lam Mui Sang, Chairman of Australia China Group Holdings Lmited; S. W. Wong, Chief Executive of Hong Kong S.W. Wong & Associates; Fang En Zhi, Founder of the Macao Stock Exchange; Wan Ka Chan, member of Hong Kong Green Technology Consortium, visited China JingGong Group for study tour. Jin Liang Shun, JingGong Group President and Sun Jian Jiang, CEO of JingGong Group accompanied.

        JingGong Green Integrated Building Technology Industrial Park, a spacious main structure of the workshop, automatic assembly line on the main steel structure in the mechanized operation. Andrew Yung and his entourage walked into the workshop accompanied by Jin Liang Shun, President of JingGong to learn more about the latest technological achievements and product system of "JingGong Green Building." Upon understanding that the company independently developed the PSC fabricated steel structure and fabricated concrete integrated building system products, Andrew Yung, Chairman, and his entourage praised the enterprises for practicing the concept of green environmental protection and enhancing the value of steel structure construction.



        In Jinggong Carbon Fiber Industrial Park, Andrew Yung and his entourage visited the kiloton carbon fiber production workshop, composite material trial workshop and enterprise exhibition hall, and got a detailed understanding of the R & D, production and operation of the enterprise in the field of carbon fiber and composite materials. Andrew Yung and his entourage stated that in the future, both sides can strengthen cooperation in light-weight green electric vehicles to jointly promote the rapid development of green energy-saving and environmental protection industries.


A photo of Andrew Yung, President of Hong Kong Green Technology Consortium (left) and Jin Liang Shun, President of JingGong Group (right) 


        During the inspection, Andrew Yung and his entourage also visited the Group under the JingGong Steel Structure, Jing Gong Technology, Huiji three listed companies and Shaoxing wine town living room, which of those focus on diversified, high-tech development model was affirmed.