ECF Food Wastes Recycling Project in Housing Estates - Opening Ceremony cum Proj 2016-04-16

Promoting environmental protection starts from education.

Green Technology Consortium (GTC) had successfully applied for the Environment and Conservation Fund to support food wastes recycling project at one housing estate in Tuen Mun. During the period of 24 months, we shall help promoting food wastes recycling. The activities include installation of food wastes composter, implementation of food wastes recycling and promotion of sustainable food wastes recycling. In the meantime, we shall put a lot of efforts on promotional work including sticking posters and distributing leaflets in the estate. We shall also organize seminars and sharing sessions to the residents. Moreover, surveys will be conducted in order to understand the residents’ environmental awareness and behavioural changes for wastes sorting, separation and reduction before and after the program.

The first activity was the Opening Ceremony cum Project Launching Ceremony held on 16 April 2016.  We were honoured to invite the following guests to officiate the simple and solemn lighting ceremony.  Dazzling and brilliant lights were added to this event’s theme “Go GREEN with FUN!”.

The Environment and Conservation Fund– The Chairman of Waste Reduction Projects Vetting Sub-committee, Ir Dr CHAN Fuk-cheung

The Chairman of Aegean Coast Organising Committee for Food Waste Recycling Project – Mr Wong Lai Ming

Tuen Mun District Council – Ms Beatrice Chu

Kai Shing Management Services Limited Deputy General Manager – Mr Cheung Hok Chau

Yau Oi Tong Curatorial and Promotion Officer – Mr Lee Ka Cheong

Green Technology Consortium President – Mr Andrew Yung Ka Wo

Chu Kong Plan Chairman – Mr Raymond Ho

President of Green Technology Consortium – Mr Andrew Yung Ka Wo encouraged residents to actively participate in recycling food wastes reduction project.

Green Technology Consortium 1st Vice-President – Mr Billy Lee Man Biu & Vice-President of Michael Wong took charge of talk show for environmental protection.

On that day, the atmosphere was very lively that attracted many residents to participate.  Many families came to play the game booths and actively asked questions.

Full of the wordings of wishes for environmental protection were put on the board.

In order to transmit related environmental protection information for residents, we had made a series of promotion materials including posters, leaflets, display panels and record cards for food wastes recycling. The design was abundant and attractive.

Photo of all volunteers

The Opening Ceremony had been successfully finished. We gave thanks for all the guests, residents and volunteers. At the end of this event, they left with reluctant mood and looked forward to participating in coming events.

In this two-year project, we shall hold different activities from time to time such as Promotion Day, seminars and sharing sessions, etc. The content of activities is very rich. We hope to raise the awareness of environmental protection to each family in this housing estate and also promote the wastes reduction from source in order to reduce the burdens on landfills according to our ultimate goal.