ECF Estate Food Wastes Recycling Project – Sharing Session & Seminar 2016-06-25

Green Technology Consortium (GTC) successfully acquired estates food wastes recycling project, which was supported by the Environment and Conservation Fund (ECF). We had collaborated with a property management company to promote food wastes collection and recycling for a housing estate in Tuen Mun.

On 25 June 2016 (Saturday) afternoon, we organized the first sharing session and seminar.  The content was quite rich that attracted over few dozens of residents to participate.  Let’s together recall memories on that day from below photos.

We are honoured to invite the Senior Project Officer from Food For Good,  Mr.Heba Chan, who introduced us wastes collection, food wastes recycling and its techniques and methods.

GTC’s Vice President, Mr. Billy Lee Man Biu shared his experience of organic fertilizers for planting.

Site visit for food wastes treatment machine with explanation of operational demonstration.

During the Q&A session with prizes, we asked questions to quiz residents in order to know how they had learnt from the seminar.  We gave them smallpotted plants when they answered correctly in return for their encouragement.

GTC has committed to promote green technology.  Community education and promotion is one of our missions.Within24months of project, the activities included installation of food wastes composting machine in estate, implementation of food wastes recycling and continuous promotion for food wastes recycling.  In the meantime, we would organize a series of environmental activities for residents in order to arouse their environmental awareness.  We can encourage them to treasure things, reduce wastes, and recycle food wastes so as to reducing the pressure on landfills.

Comments from Volunteer ~ Cheung Yung:

I am not studying environmental protection subject.  I am honoured to participate inthis voluntary activity.  Besides of providing services,the seminar reminded me that I should put more efforts on environmental protection.Hong Kong is a cosmopolitan city that has the leadership to do well for household garbage classification for environmental protection.  However,I regret that we are lagging behind of other countries.I hope more similar environmental activities can be organized to arouse people the importance of environmental protection.  Indeed Hong Kong should have the shadow of cosmopolitan city including the aspect of environmental protection.

Comments from Volunteer ~ Vanessa Lai:

I had opened my eyes from participating in food wastes recycling seminar. Besides of guest speakers' sharing their experiences on food wastes recycling, we had visited the food wastes treatment machine.  I discovered that the recycling process was different from my imagination – it was very clean without too much odor.  Moreover, I had seen many enthusiastic residents to participate.  I felt that Hong Kong had made progresses with effectiveness on environmental protection.