Member Activity at Sha Tin Community Green Station 2015-07-03

Member Activity at Sha Tin Community Green Station &

Talk on “The SME Export Marketing Fund”

Green technology development relies on the support from various sectors. In order to enhance the development of our corporate members, GTC held a talk introducing the SME Export Marketing Fund (EMF) on 3rd July. The event took place at the Sha Tin Community Green Station (CGS) (10 On Ping Street, Shek Mun). The Sha Tin CGS is the first CGS completed under the territory-wide project, which provided us a professional guided tour at the site.

The CGS project serves to promote environmental education and collect recyclables at district level, which is being run by non-profit making organisations. The Sha Tin CGS in Shek Mun, transformed from containers and temporary parking space, is the first step forward. Our members had a chance to visit the site and learn about different types of the facilities of the green construction in the guided tour.

We were very glad to have invited Ms. Kimmy Wong, the Manager and representative from Trade and Industry Department (TID) as our guest speaker. Ms. Wong has given a nice talk on the SME EMF with valuable information, and had a fruitful conversation with our fellow members, which worth our great gratitude. Financial support from the government is a supportive stimulant for SMEs to expand their businesses. The event has been a nice attempt. In the future, GTC will keep on organizing events which could be beneficial to our fellow members.