Company Introduction:

Established in 2012, GOETHE is a technology- and solution- based environmental consultancy, aiming to provide solutions to environmental challenges and problems.  By using innovative approaches and based on our solid understanding of clients' need, we assist clients to solve their environmental challenges.

GOETHE is committed to safety, environment, quality and integrity.  Passionate about the environment, we share our belief in continuous improvements and commercial / social participation leading toward sustainability.  We are a team of expertise with deep market knowledge, always offering fresh perspectives and retaining the intellectual agility to continuously innovate and evolve our offerings to clients reducing their environmental risks and maximize values.  Our multi-faceted business aims at delivering tailored and effective solutions to clients, covering a full spectrum of environmental disciplines, including air quality, water quality, waste management, energy management, and green building design / certification.

Our Mission:

Our mission is simple, GOETHE pursues the golden thread of generating green and sustainable profit through conserving the environment with commercial / social participation.


An intelligent air purification system with comprehensive real-time environmental monitoring capacities, equips with different filter modules, removing airborne particulates, TVOC, virus, bacteria, pollen and formaldehyde.

Website: www.goethe.com.hk